Squeal Like a Pig Little Boy!

I upgraded my banjo case with some tattoo stickers.

Banjo case

In order to become a professional redneck, I decided that I had to start playing banjo.  I’ve played guitar for a couple of decades, which I believe is helpful when learning how to play, however, at the same time I have “guitar habits” in my muscle memory that I need to un-learn to follow the correct picking patterns for banjo.
Learning an instrument is always an interesting challenge that I’m willing to accept.

I also decided to upgrade my banjo case with a collage of tattoo stickers. The stickers, from top to bottom are from; Georgiana Stoian, Kayley Henderson, whoever printed the B&W skull, Hyraw Clothing, Vitor Gedha (x2) and Hyraw Clothing.


  1. Good luck with banjo. I am sure you are great at it already. It is a swanky looking case and I hope no one has got their eye on it 😀 For me, learning an instrument has always been challenging. My parents forced me to learn piano at a very young age…and I think that’s where the problem started. The I begged them to buy me a guitar and eventually they got one for me…a classical guitar but it was better than nothing 😀

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