1. For the past 2 years, I’ve just assumed you were a night owl because so many of your photos were shot at night. It’s just occurred to me that maybe it’s because your days are so short in winter. Which is true? What time was this shot?

    1. Both assumptions are correct: I’m a night owl when I’m traveling and I always try to stay up for minimum one or two nights to get some good night shots (alternatively get up insanely early), but when I’m in Oslo I shoot most of my night shots during the dark season because it’s more comfortable. This one was shot around 20:00 in the evening.

      1. Given how dark it is in the photo, I guessed it was relatively late, but I recently read that in December, the daylight hours in Oslo is only between around 11’ish and 3:30 pm. Does that sound about right?

    2. Yes, that’s right. If you work inside, you’ll miss the daylight completely, because it’s dark when you go to work and dark when you finish work. Luckily I can enjoy the daylight this winter!

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