Vannspeilet, Oslo
Vannspeilet, Oslo

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    1. The cranes… Apparently they were used to deliver babies, back in the 1950’s or something. This was way before my time, so I’m not really sure how it worked… 😀
      Nowadays they mostly bring noise and move shit around.
      The architecture is the first of its kind in Norway, but the whole area will look like giant Lego boxes when they finish building it – approximately 10 years from now (officially 4 years from now, but we all now that they lie when they say “we’ll be finished by the year of ‘….'”).
      It always takes much longer than what they say and it always costs much more than what they say.

      1. Haha 😀 Here we have white storks delivering babies – and the ugly babies are probably delivered by marabou storks.

        I like cranes almost as much as trams – I like the crane left as a relic at the Glasgow waterfront, the Finnieston Crane.

        We have the same style of building things here as well – usually the public tender chooses the most expensive company which starts with delay, f*cks the construction up, the parties sue each other, and the project remains unfinished forever. That’s how we built motorways. Hence the lack of motorways.

      1. Haha 😀 I thought you claimed a special bird for baby deliveries since you were dissatisfied with the usual stork.

        Well, Glasgow was made and unmade on heavy industry, so the city keeps the crane as a sentimental reminder. I’m normally against sentimentaly but I like their crane.

      2. You know what? I think I’ll start claiming a special bird for baby deliveries. From now on I’ll claim the white-throated dipper!
        It’s a small bird, but it’s the unofficial national bird of Norway. If they can handle a nation, I’m pretty sure they can handle a baby.

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