1. This reminds me of a quote from a book I have just finished reading and a tweet I posted on doing so..
    ‘There are worse as well as better folk in the world, so I don’t hate myself’
    – Alasdair Gray, p573, Tailpiece: How Lanark Grew

    1. Those kind of quotes are too general and really don’t say or mean anything. In the same style like: “There’s bad weather and good weather, but there’s always weather”.
      Mike Myers did a good job mocking these quasi philosophers in the movie “The Love Guru” (2008). His character Guru Pitka said stuff like:

      “I speak of Intimacy, or Into-Me-I-See”

      1. My take is that quotes can often mean different things to different people at different times in their lives. In this case, I felt the quote was a very apt sign off to an excellent book and had resonance for me. Diff’rent strokes? 🙂

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