The Future


Quote from a newspaper aptly called Fremtiden (The Future)

“(…) folk blir født i Jebsens boliger, døpes
i hans kirke, går på skolen som er bygget
og grunnlagt og i sin tid også drevet av
Jebsens, senere arbeider de enten i
Jebsens bedrifter eller store gårdsbruk, for
så, når alderdommen kommer, å bo på
Jebsens gamlehjem og til slutt å ligge på
Jebsens kirkegård, og slik fortsetter

“(…) People are born in Jebsen’s homes, baptized
in his church, attend the school built
and founded and run by
Jebsen, then they either work in
Jebsen’s enterprises or large farms,
when old age comes, stay in
Jebsen’s old home and finally they lie in
Jebsen’s cemetery, and thus the cycle


For Paula’s B&W Sunday:


  1. Where did you find this newspaper?? Is kirkegård a word for cemetary? I thought “kirke” was church. My guess, haven’t checked out, I just rely on my etymological instinct. Would it be a church yard – kirkgard?

  2. Was trying to find a way to get in touch, and found this image to be appropriate for this invitation:

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m introducing a new weekly collaboration on my blog, inviting people to send pictures of newspaper front pages from wherever they happen to be in the world each Wednesday. It would be great if you could participate. If curious or interested, more is here:

    Cheers and all the best,

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