My Son’s Workstation

Noisy furnitures are fun.
Noisy furnitures are fun.

This is where my son is busy creating noise by pushing all the tangents and buttons he can possibly push. It’s an old electric organ that I bought at a flea market and I’m letting him experiment and have fun with it. I’m not good at this instrument myself, but for now I’m slightly better than my two-year old son.

Check out Paula’s post for more B&W photos this Sunday:


    1. No, the volume button is the only button I’m not allwong him to touch! If he were allowed to, I’m sure they would complain. His ‘melodies’ aren’t exactly ear-friendly yet.

  1. I love the shot man! The composition rocks and the fact you let your two year old wail away on it shows your love for him.
    I have a confession: I am not a musician, I am a drummer. The guitar was just to beautiful to be wasting away in a pawn shop so I liberated it. I hope to have it an some old cameras displayed in my office sometime in say the next decade. ~ John

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