1. Yes, very much. Went downtown to take some photos of the parade yesterday. It was Norway’s constipation constitution day, so the streets were packed with people.
      Now I’ll have two nights without my son, so I’ll experiment some more with the possibilities that the camera has to offer. I’ve also ordered an external flash and planning on getting one or two more lenses, so this will be a lot of fun!

      1. I can’t wait to see your new experiments. Please post your discoveries. You’re really investing in it. Is DSLR over? I love the 45mm 1:8 and the 60mm 2:8.
        Desley Jane has an Olympus E-M5. She loves her 17mm. Perelincolors has one like mine but I think she uses a Panasonic lens. Recently we bought a E-M1 and a 12-40mm 2:8. Lots of fun!

      2. My Canon DSLR is just too heavy & bulky to drag around. Not the camera itself, but the lens and the camera combined. I’ll sell them both on the used market.
        Now all my gear weighs less and is more comfortable to transport compared with the Canon. I’m finished with DSLR’s, unless Canon or Nikon decides to give me a full format camera with a variety of lenses as a gift.

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