Coffee & Street Photography

A combination of coffee & street photography.
A combination of coffee & street photography.


    1. Thanks Lucile. One thing I don’t like about the new theme is that if the featured photos aren’t 1200 pixels wide, it’ll put the featured photo on the left side instead of centered…

      1. I have the same issue with my current theme and for that I have to adjust them before posting.
        By the way, did you find out how to post gallery from the mobile app?

      2. I found out how to do it from the Mesh app, but I probably won’t use it because I don’t like phone photos. I haven’t tried posting a gallery from the WordPress app yet.

      3. I find this app very bad. Limited and crashes too often.
        I got tired of wasting time with replies that don’t go through and get lost and the same with photos.
        By the way you can send photos wireless from your camera to your phone.

  1. Seems you are back in action 😀
    Cool click !!
    And I thought only us Indians, drink our coffee and chai from a tumbler.
    I am yet to see such empty streets in Delhi :/ The thought itself is utopian 😉

    1. When I returned to Oslo after having spent a year in India and Nepal, I remember being surprised and saying to myself: “What?!? Has there been a war? Where’s all the people?”

    2. LIke the Indians say: “why not?”
      First I spent 3 weeks there, then I travelled around, came back and then suddenly, five weeks later, someone dragged me along back to Delhi. By that time I was so skinny from all the vegetarian food that I looked like a living ghost…

      1. I asked, because the place is of religious significance for the Hindus. Did you find vegetarian diet harrowing ?

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