New Toys

I decided to join Lucile on the Olympus train.  I’m now officially riding with an Olympus OM-D E-M5 II.

If you’re interested in specs and a review, check out this article:

My first thoughts after shooting a few test shots last night:

+ It’s awesome fucking brilliant that you can remotely control the camera and watch the live screen via an app on your phone.

+ You can rotate the small flash that comes with the camera, which means you can bounce it off walls and ceilings.

– My version of Lighthroom can’t read the new RAW format that the camera uses (which is a new version of ORF – Olympus RAW Format). So for now I export the files as .TIFF into Lightroom.
(EDIT: I upgraded to the newest version of Lightroom 6 and now it works fine).


  1. What a buy Cardinal, congratulations. Enjoy your new toy and I hope it serves you well. Looking forward to seeing how you use it. I spy amps at the back…maybe time to have a play with them again too…

    1. Thank you Miss Mabel. Yes, the amps have been used much more since I moved and my son loves the organ – not exactly to play music, but to press all the buttons and make noise! 🙂
      He’s crazy about it, so I’m letting him experiment and push all the buttons he wants (exept the on/off button and the volume level) in an effort to encourage him.

      1. Good to hear the amps survived the move. Sounds like you got a musician living with you right there, fun times indeed ahead. He doesn’t sound at all interested in your new toy 🙂

    1. I went downtown and took a bunch of photos today and it was great fun.
      There’s still a lot of situations that I haven’t tried yet (night photography, studio portraits, action shots, sports photography in a sports hall), but I can already say that I love the camera. The weight is very nice too! Almost didn’t notice that I carried it around. My Canon EOS600D with an EF24-105 lens was often left at honme, because I just couldn’t be bothered to drag it around with me.

      About the RAW files that I mentioned in this post: I upgraded to the newest version of Lightroom 6 and now it works fine, so that minus is officially off the list.

      1. I’ve read it’s quite difficult to configure the settings at first, is it true ? Did you have this feeling ?

        I’m very attracted to its weight, I’m fed of carrying bulky dslr.

    2. It’s always somewhat complicated to get to know new menus and settings, but the camera gives you clues. I’ve set the date and a few other things. On top of the camera there’s 3 quick access buttons that you can configure to your own liking, but I’ve only used the standard settings on these so far. I need experience with the camera in different situations & settings before I’ll know which features I need quick access too and which I can discard.

  2. I see you upgraded to LR6. Super. I cannot wait to see the photos you are going to make with it.
    I haven’t yet finished discovering new features.
    And yes, the weight is just perfect.

    1. No, we won’t. My 11 year old relationship with Canon is coming to an end… (but I’ll still keep my old EOS 350 and I’ll give my son the Ixus pocket camera as soon as he’s old enough to operate it).

  3. oh, so here’s your new cam… wow… serious stuff!! congratulations and may the focus be always be with you 🙂

    what lenses do you have for it? I guess it’s much lighter than a dslr with the same number of lenses… I actually considered this cam before I got the Fuji as my second camera… good choice 🙂 learning your ways aroud a new camera is always so much fun… 🙂

    1. Haha, “may the focus always be with you”, I love that 🙂
      I got the two that you see here: a 40-150 and a 14-42. I also bought another one a week later (I can’t remember which one, but I can check it out), plus a fisheye lens that I returned because the price was too high and you don’t really have much use for it (but it was fun to experiment with it for a weekend).
      A separate flash and a couple of ND filters is also in my bag.

      How is the Fuji? Do you like it? Which Fuji is it?

      1. gosh, I do need to try ND filters…
        your lenses sound like the perfect kit, from 14 to 150 mm!! yeah, a fisheye is good to rent once or twice but maybe not so wise to own, I’ve never tried one though…
        I have the Fujifilm X100T… it’s a fixed 35 mm lens, fast: f/2.. very sharp too… for portraits I’d use my DSLR, but omg, the Fuji is so perfect for street and travel photography… light and quiet…

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