Bocuse d’Or Material

A proper scumfuck dinner.
A proper scumfuck dinner.

I loved the beautiful presentation of this dish. There was something appealing by the way it had been lovingly and carefully splashed onto this decorative & wonderful styrofoam container, before being drenched in a spicy industrial sauce from a bucket – a sauce that magically overpowered and covered up all the other flavors. This meal should definitely have been served on MasterChef or even in Bocuse d’Or. I’m pretty sure it would have won or gotten an honourable mention. An unforgettable & romantic dinner.


    1. Or maybe I just assumed ‘dinner companion’ from the reference to ‘unforgettable & romantic dinner’. Possibly it was enjoyed as a romantic dinner for one πŸ™‚

    1. I was being a hero and had oiled in all the oak benches in the kitchen (it’ll make them last longer), so I couldn’t use any of the benches or even the water there, because the oil needs to soak into the wood and dry first.

      1. Well, you’re not doing anything to explode my very limited ideas about the life in northern Europe: guys biking and working on DYI projects involving wood is precisely what I imagine it’s like up in the north…

  1. I was eager to find out what it consisted of…. This is the first time I saw the word “scumfuck” in writing. Btw, I have fond memories of 4roses πŸ™‚

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