Northern Lights in Tromsø

These photos are old, extremely old when we’re talking about the era of digital photography: they’re from late December 2005, but since it was the Northern Lights I had to try to capture it ‘on film’. The guy that I stayed with grew up there, so for him the whole scene was “meh”, but for me it felt almost magical and I stayed outside until I couldn’t take the cold anymore.

I wish that I had some better shots of the northern lights to offer, but hopefully I’ll get to see it again (this time with more knowledge on photographing and a better camera).

For WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge: «The Forces of Nature»


  1. How can anyone go “meh” in front of this scene. I don’t know what a better camera would do here to make it look more spectacular. Difficult to imagine…

      1. Yes, but we (the others) do not notice them as much as you do. Still I understand that you wish you had the know-how and the tools back then too.

  2. Totally magical and even more so because you captured it on film (I didn’t dare take photographs in the ‘film days;…digital changed my life)! Gorgeous snaps!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I only used the phrase ‘on film’ (with quotation marks), but it was captured digitally. I did shoot some film back then, but I was mainly shooting digital.

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