Buddha in the park

These are in a local park – small Buddha heads carved out in stone. I wonder what would have happened if they made a similar park with small heads of Mohammed…?

These were shot with my phone and published via a new app from Automattic called Mesh + I used the WordPress app. So consider this post as a test.


Edit: (back on a stationary now) Does anyone know if there’s a possibility to resize images with the WordPress app? In this test I saved the post as a draft, downloaded the photo (the featured photo, not the ones in the Mesh gallery) and resized it on my stationary. It’s conflicting with the whole idea of posting from the phone, but I’m not sure if you can resize in the WordPress app directly or if you need to do this in a separate photo editing app. Please shout out if you know the answer.

Anyway, after editing the featured image I realized that a portrait format in the size 600×900 pixels doesn’t fit with the current theme (it left a huge blank space in the top right corner), so I had to do additional editing and make a landscape format in 1200 pixels width. Why is resizing images so important anyway? Why not just upload the full size photo from the phone to your WordPress blog? Read more about that here: https://cardinalguzman.wordpress.com/2012/04/22/blogging-tips-crop-resize-your-photos/


  1. I can’t make myself to use phone for taking photos :S, so I am building my arm and neck muscles instead. Little Buddhas are cute, little Mohammeds ……… so much.

    1. I don’t like using the phone for photos either. I prefer the control, options and quality of a real camera. The phone is good enough for replying to comments like I’m using it for right now.

      1. Exactly. Ever since I got hooked on dslr I find it very difficult to use any camera without a viewfinder. I can’t even frame properly.

      2. Yes, the phone screens are shit to look at in sunlight, so you can’t really make good compositions and they produce grainy shit in low-light conditions. On top of that they don’t shoot RAW and you need a bunch of filters to hide the shitty quality.

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