This post is a test. It’s the first time I write a post from a mobile device and post a photo shot with a mobile. On the tiny screen here, the photo looks OK, but I might change opinion when I get the opportunity to view it on a proper screen.  Normally I don’t like the quality of phone photos.

Anyway, I hope that you (and I) like this photo – my entry to the weekly photo challenge this week.

I’ll also add that it’s annoying to write a post on a phone. My stationary is a better tool.

Check out the other entries here:


  1. Yes, it is annoying to post on the phone. I never had the patience to go through it. The photo looks good enough, will you reveal the brand of your phone? (Because I have a Samsung and it never ever took a decent photo…)

    1. It was seriously annoying to post from a phone. I couldn’t find out how to set a featured image in the WordPress app (I don’t know if it’s possible through the app, but it should be). It took me forever just to write this simple post. Copying and pasting links was too much of a hassle and in the photo editor I could crop an image, but not resize it. Who the fuck needs to post a 3000 × 2250 px image in a blog?!??

      I won’t be posting a lot of stuff using the phone, that’s for sure. Replying to comments are OK, but that’s where I draw the line (I’m replying from my stationary now BTW).

      I use an Iphone that I got from work as a gift (because I’m so good at what I do). Now that I see ther photo on a large screen, I can see that there’s burnt out spots and that the colors are a bit bland, but the photo isn’t edited, so a jpeg from a pocket camera would have looked similar. So, I guess that the camera on my phone can replace my stinky pocket camera (one less thing to drag around).
      It’s possible that I’ll try to edit some photos from the phone sometime next week, just to see which result I can come up with.

      1. I can hear you… I once tried to “unstick” a post on mobile, but WordPress mobile app doesn’t seem to have this function (sticking a post to your blog’s front page is obviously considered an excessive feature, which, alas, I use all the time), so I tried to use the regular WordPress on the phone and it just wouldn’t work. Maybe my 3G was to blame, maybe not. Anyway, the most I’m ready to do on mobile is to tweet. Even more, to tweet my crappy pics from my Samsung. I clearly haven’t worked hard enough yet to earn an IPhone from my employer. Ha.

  2. That’s funny — I decided to play with some mobile phone pics today, too. Not the first time, but it turned out to be a much overdue field test.

    I like the idea of carrying a very small camera –ie phone cam– but I can’t stand its limitations. It’s ok for things like twitter, facebook, G+ and instagram. Posting to a website, not so much. But I must admit that I’m not as down on mobile photography these days as I was a couple years ago. Even one year ago.

    1. I like the idea of a small camera too. DSLR’s can be heavy lifting to drag around sometimes, but my first impression is that the phone can produce results that are just as good as the pocket camera that I currently have.
      I just posted an edited version of this photo on G+ now, but today is the ‘big day of moving’, so we’ll have to continue the discussion once I’m set up in my new home 🙂

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