Чебура́шка – Cheburashka

Чебура́шка – Cheburashka

Cheburashka (Russian: Чебурашка) is an iconic Russian classic cartoon character who later became a popular character in Russian jokes (along with his friend, Gena the crocodile). According to the creator of the character, Eduard Uspensky (1965), Cheburashka is a monkey-like creature who lives in a tropical forest. He accidentally gets into a crate of oranges, eats his fill, and falls asleep. The crate is eventually delivered to a grocery store in an unnamed Russian city (hinted to be Moscow), where the rest of the main story unfolds. – Wikipedia.

Read more about the little hero at RussiaPedia: http://russiapedia.rt.com/of-russian-origin/cheburashka/


  1. Hola Carnal, I am also a fan of Cheburashka, and your translation was one of the sources I used to understand Gena’s Birthday song. I return now with what I think is an improved translation, which I hope you will like:

    Let pe-DES-tri-ans STUM-ble
    through the RAIN into PUD-dles
    as the WA-ter in RIV-ers runs BY..
    When they SEE me they WON-der
    how on EARTH in this WEA-ther
    one can STAND here as CHEER-ful as I..

    So I’m PLAY-ing my gar-MOSH-keh
    loud for EV-ery-one to HEAR..
    Such a PI-ty, that our BIRTH-days
    come but ONCE a YEAR..

    A ma-GI-cian is COM-ing
    In a BLUE he-li-COP-ter
    And he’ll LAND it right HERE on the STREET
    He will SHOW us a MO-vie
    Give out PRI-zes and CAN-dy
    And bring ALL the ICE cream we can EAT!

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