Old Stuff: Kjærlighet

From my «Old Stuff»-series: Kjærlighet (the Norwegian word for Love).

I also painted this one on paper, but I think that the photo of it is lost. I might still have the original paper and ink version somewhere…

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  1. I don’t agree with the message “Art is Horseshit,” but the artwork that forms the letters is remarkable. Is it yours? Have you done a complete alphabet? I would love to see it. It would be exciting to have it as a downloadable font. If this is your own art, I would have to say that you have proven your own words to be untrue as this art is definitely not horseshit!!! Judy

    1. Thank you very much for the comment Jude. The blog name is from a part of a Charles Bukowski quote: «Great art is horseshit – buy tacos».
      The art work here is a sketch that I made on a computer. Afterwards I painted the words and the skull onto a large paper (A3 size) using brush and ink. I wish I could take credit for the font and that I had a complete alphabet, but this is from one of the standard Windows fonts.
      I can only take credit for the idea of replacing a letter with a skull to create a new meaning & symbolism of the word.

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