1. 😀 it does not matter – i find it oddly inspiring and it does the “trick” I like the scene and love the way you edited it. Tusen takk or in other words much appreciated. Klem

    1. Thanks Paula. I felt that a “retro-look” would be suitable in this photo, especially since there’s no “modern” objects in the photo (no new cars, ads or anything like that). This scene could probably have looked about the same several decades ago as it does today.

      1. Yes, a point well made – it deserves a retro retouch. Besides I like when nature dominates the urban or man-made and it certainly does here.

  2. I like it. The grain is perfect. An ominous feeling. Sandstorm comes to mind immediately. Don’t know why since it’s obviously not desert country. Maybe that’s why it feels so threatening to me. This is a very interesting image, Adrian. I don’t usually feel such an interest in this kind of image. There is a connection somewhere in my dysfunctioning brain with this image. It sticks in my head.

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