Greek Sexy Sunday #13

Sunday is sexy time, Greek Sexy Time! Feel inspired, try this at home! (and bloggers: feel free to join in with your own interpretation of «Sexy Sunday». Write a story, post a photo, paint a painting – the choice is yours. Leave me a link if you do come up with something.)



You can always combine it with Paula’s «Black and White Sunday» Check it out here:

Paula’s Black & White Sunday (click the image to visit Paula’s post).


  1. Ye gods, CG, no bloke-on-blokes activity this week?! Jolly splendid image, though I have to say, if anyone tried that with me, they’d be asking for a double hernia, fine figure of several women that I am! I am sure I can do summat with it! Heeheeeheee – evil laugh!

      1. I adore writing these posts, CG: there is something incredibly liberating about such frank bawdiness and rollicking humour. I suppose, having been of the Punk generation, it’s a kind of ‘F*** you!’ to the prim, the self-righteous and the cat’s anus-mouthed disapprovers in our beautiful world!

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