Greek Sexy Sunday #1

Last year I ran a series of posts called Sunday Retro Pin-up. This year it’ll be Greek Sexy Sunday – keeping with my new year wishes for the blog readers, where I wished them all a happy new year filled with fun sex. Hopefully people can find some inspiration in my blog. Please remember: Do try this at home! (or other suitable location).

Trivia: I’ve tried this position.


Bloggers: feel free to join in with your own interpretation of «Sexy Sunday». Write a story, post a photo, paint a painting – the choice is yours. Leave me a link if you do come up with something.

You can always combine it with Paula’s «Black and White Sunday» Check it out here:

Paula’s Black & White Sunday (click the image to visit Paula’s post).


  1. 😆 I was laughing pretty hard when I saw your post notification this morning. Where did you find all these decks of cards (Ebay or inheritance?). This looks like an educational batch (thank you :D) My somber Sunday post is on too. I am afraid there is nothing sexy about it unless of course people see church towers as a phallic symbol 😉

    1. After what I’ve read in the news there’s a lot of shady sex going on in churches, so a phallic symbol comparison isn’t too far off 😀
      I bought this deck of cards a decade ago when I lived 3 months in Greece. I never play cards, so the deck still looks brand new.

  2. P.S. About your trivia.. I don’t doubt that you have, but can a woman actually turn her head this way? I don’t know how the ancient Greeks did this :S

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