1. Here’s a BBC documentary about the gypsies.

      What is sad is that they occupy our cities every summer: they litter and shit all over the place. The sleep in parks and wherever they feel like, and leave all their garbage behind when they move on. They steal, beg and sell drugs and nobody is doing anything about it.

      1. I sent you a long response? Please advise if you got it Cardinal, it seemed to vanish?

      2. I will re-send.When I commented on your picture it was because it was a sad image and not one that you usually present. I make it a rule not to contribute to beggars but if a child approached me I am not certain what I would do.I was so drawn in the documentary that I watched the entire thing. Seeing Roma gypsy children used to profit those in Romania is just wrong. I have no answers other than close the borders but they will continue to breed. What are your thoughts and thanks for sharing. Still very sad from a childs perspective

      3. I only got this re-send response, If you sent a long response prior to that, I didn’t recieve it (I also checked the spam). The gypsies get no sympathy from me. To me it seems that it’s the same pattern all over the world: the people that breed the most (not only gypsies, but any group) are the ones that contribute the least in this world.

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